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Module Registration and Examination
Please note that not all modules are offered in every semester or academic year. Students are responsible in ensuring that they do not register for modules with any timetable clashes and are able to attend classes and sit for examinations as scheduled.

Students will follow the same module registration procedure as the other graduate students in NUS Business School.

For students who are required to complete the graduate English module(s), please note the registration procedure at the CELC’s website.

Students may use the Timetable Builder to find out the modules (and class timetables) offered in each semester. Please note that the information listed is subject to change without notice.

For exam timetable, please refer to the Examination Directory.


CAP for Continuation and Graduation
All modules taken on graded basis are counted towards your Cumulative Average Point (CAP).

All students must maintain a minimum CAP of 4.0 throughout the programme.

Students who fail to maintain the CAP of 4.0 at the end of second year, or have CAP below 4.0 for two consecutive semesters, will be terminated from the programme. 


Maximum Period of Candidature
The maximum candidature for PhD study is 5 years.


Thesis Supervision
The institute requires students to confirm a thesis supervisor by the end of their first year in NUS.

Students should take initiative to find out the research areas/ interests of the ORA faculty and explore research opportunities.


Research Progress Report
All students are required to submit a bi-annual research progress report online. Students need to provide a summary of the work that they have done in the previous semester.

For research scholars, the scholarship renewal will be tied in with the semestral progress report. For research scholars who are required to fulfil the requirements of the Graduate Assistantship Programme (GAP), they must report on the number of hours they have completed during the reporting semester.

Students who are in their first semester of study are not required to submit the research progress report.


Graduate Assistantship Programme 
International students who are recipients of MOE scholarships (e.g. NUS Research Scholarship) must fulfil the requirements of Graduate Assistantship Programme (GAP) by clocking a certain number of work hours as specified under the terms and conditions of the scholarship. Students must ensure that the total hours required under the GAP is completed before thesis submission.


Leave Matters
Students who are holding scholarships are required to apply for leave in advance if they have to be away at any time during their candidature (either for personal or academic reasons). They can only be away after their leave applications have been approved. Find out more about the leave scheme available here.

Students who are not scholarship holders are required to apply for Leave of Absence if they have to be away during their candidature.

Students who are absent without leave are subject to disciplinary actions.


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